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How to get an emotional support animal letter? - 2021 Guide


According to a survey conducted in America, every person out of 5 is suffering from depression. In addition to an ESA Letter, numerous psychological issues besides depression are getting common in America day by day.


Emotional support animals (ESAs) are domestic animals that can be kept in houses due to their friendly nature. ESA mainly includes dogs and cats, along with a list of some other animals. These animals are specially trained to live with such psychological patients and make them feel better.



Keeping an emotional support animal is not that easy. First, a person has to see a doctor.


When to see the doctor? If you are struggling with severe emotional and psychological issues, you can see a doctor. Unfortunately, psychological issues cannot be treated at home. You can consult a medical health specialist or physiatrist, but a physician will not help in this case.


After consulting a doctor, let him decide whether the severity of your disease needs ESA or not. Once the doctor sees the severity of your disease, he will write an emotional support animal letter for you!


If a doctor prescribes you to keep an ESA. In this case, you can take this animal anywhere with you! Yes! You can even travel with such an animal. Emotional support animals are different from other animals. They are raised with proper care and provided with training on how to make another feel better.


Emotional support animals can be kept in houses, too. When you are qualified for ESA and got the letter from the medical health professional, you can keep it in your home with you.


Even if your house is rented, you can simply show the doctor’s letter to the owner, and no objection can be raised from the owner’s side.


Obviously, an emotional support animal is eligible to stay at your home and fly with you. For this reason, you need an emotional support letter. Now the question is:


Where to get an ESA letter?


You can get this letter from online ESA letter for housing providers. But make sure that your letter consultant is in touch with your doctor as there are many online ESA letter providers with fake appearances just to distract people. Also, they offer less price with 24-hour delivery of letters which is impossible!


Consulting your health condition with the doctor, getting all the relevant details such as doctor’s license number, etc. these things require time. So, if any service provider is capturing you with such cheesy lines, beware of them!


Find the right online source and get your letter ready from them. Make sure your doctor is also in contact with that service provider. Or get a letter from an online health professional but a registered one.


If you want to fly with your ESA, make sure that a clause is added to the letter. And also, if you are living in a rented apartment, the letter should contain a clause for it. This provided letter is not for a lifetime; instead, you have to renew it every year at an additional cost. However, the renewal cost is less than the first-time cost.


Things to be noted before getting your letter written by the online medical profession:


  • Does the doctor ask about your medical history and condition in detail?
  • Is the therapist residing in the same state as you are?
  • Does a doctor possess a valid registration number?
  • Is the letter written on a valid letterhead?


If you get a satisfactory answer to all the questions mentioned earlier, you can go with this service. After getting the letter, make sure to read it thoroughly. Check if it states all the mandatory points that help to qualify for an emotional support animal.



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