When creating a hosting space and creating a website. A user  web_xxxx is created automatically.  This user is created as a Local User.
Since our webserver is in an AD, I want this user to be created in the AD, not just in the Users container but a special container named: “Hosting”.

This is what I did:

Servers -> Clicked on my Webserver -> Unfold ‘Active Directory Settings’ -> Checked ‘Create Active Directory Accounts’.
Below I selected Authentication Type ‘None’ and entered the Full Domain Name:  Mycompany.local
Username: Administrator,  Password: xxxxx

Clicked Update.

Servers -> Clicked on ‘Web’ under my Webserver. Under ‘Other Settings’, set the ‘Users OU (Optional):’  to ‘Hosting’.


When I click Update, I’ll get the error:

Service installation results:
Could not check/create Organizational Units: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.


I also tried:  Mycompany.local\Hosting (in the Users OU field).
The OU ‘Hosting’ is an OU directly in/under my domain.