This was an issue back with WSP 2.1, where the contact was <GUID>@domain.com. And a lot of people complained about it so it was changed so that the username of the username@domain.com was used and then added as a local domain primarySMTPAddress. We ran into a several cases where this caused mail to be forwarded to the contact when the recipient address was the contact. In a few cases this was when an employee had left the company but a contact was created for the user. The new mail contact was the recipient of any mail that had come into the old address.

To recreate:

jdoe@domain.com leaves the company

jdoe@personalemaildomain.com is created as a contact.

PrimarySMTPaddress of the contact is created as jdoe@domain.com with external address of jdoe@personalemaildomain.com

Mail received for jdoe@domain.com now is delivered to the previous employees external address.


Would it be possible to have that primarySMTPAddress be created as something identifiable that should not cause mail routing issues? It appears that if that address already exists that it increments it as a jdoe1@domain.com