We have just completed a long overdue upgrade from WSP1.2.1 right up to SCP 1.0.3 and everything pretty much worked without any major problems. But we do have 2 issues which I am not sure if these are due to a bug or a mis-configuration on our part.

They are:

  1. When we try to add a new FTP account we click in the Home Folder box to select the home folder and it correctly displays the treeview which we can expand but we cannot select a folder, we click on a folder but it doesn’t do anything.
    The same treeview dropdown does work on the File manager page however.
  2. When we look at a list of Domains in a Hosting Space we can not see which website the Domain might be pointing at, we can see the Mail Domain,  its just the Website part that isn’t working. We have set the Shared IP as per the version 2 upgrade instructions so not sure why this is not working properly.

If you have any ideas or can confirm a bug then that would be great.

Thank you for any assistance.

Mark Donne