When a client created an order with Additional IPs on WHMCS, the product will NOT get provisioned automatically, nor can i do it manually, i will get this error in whmcs:

CreateAccount Fault: (Code: 0, Message: AllocatePackageIPAddresses Fault: (Code: 0, Message: SOAP Fault: (Code: 0, Message: SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object has no ‘orgId’ property), Service ID: 432)

Whats strange is while checking SCP i will find the account actually created !! and IPs given to the amount he ordered, but WHMCS insists showing this error maybe saying it has failed !…

I already added the IPs to both SCP and WHMCS and they are linked properly and even tick the “IS IP” field, i have only the option to actually create the order WITHOUT IP and it will be created just fine, then latter on I will add this addon in SCP…

Assistance i greatly appreciated..

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