Hi everyone,

Looking forward to join your community.

I’m a dotnetpanel, websitepanel enthousiast.

Finally found time to start setting up brand new environment.

I hope me choosing SolidCP (over MSPControl) will prove to be the correct decision

Once I’m up to speed I even may become a contributor. We will see.

My question.

As I’m building an environment from scratch (on 2 VMware hosts to start with), which WIN server version would you recommend me to use?

win2012R2, win2016 or win2019 ?

Looking at this comparison table, I think it is still viable to stick to the leaner 2012R2. And 2019 is too new.

I’m curious to what you are all thinking.

Is there any recommendation looking at it from the SolidCP angle?

@Trevor, in this blog post (nov2016) you state that the Recommended server is 2012R2. Is that still the case?


Answered question