Hello Friends,

I am working on a cloud project (iaas, paas, saas).

At first, I need a authentication and authorization solution for SSO (Single sign on). I think Active Directory is good solution, because this is integrated with openladp (Linux LDAP solution). At second, I need a cloud (Resource) management, I think SolidCP, MSPControl are good for windows and CPanel is good for linux. At third, I need a sale portal that I think WHMCS is good choice. For implementation this solution, I have any problems or questions.

1- I know SolidCP is integrated with AD and WHMCS. I need more information about it. For example, which solution should be I use that, when end users create profile or change their information (profile or client area) through WHMCS or SolidCP, same information in AD should be changed. If this process is automatic will better, but manual solution not bad.

But, I think, when you speak about integration between AD and SolidCP, you mean is a little replication from AD to SolidCP at the first time (When we are installing SolidCP), and after installation don’t have any replication between AD and SolidCP.

2- When I using AD, SolidCP and WHMCS for basic management of my cloud (iaas, paas, saas), my end users where should register? From WHMCS? or another portal that integrated with AD? could you help me with examples?