hey guys.


one of my environments is running the latest sept build of MSP.  I would like to upgrade it to SolidCP.

The installation video is showing steps for Website Panel (which I know is pretty much the same foundation as MSP and SolidCP).

But the MSP Control has been very very aggressive in doing daily build updates on their stable version, which quite frankly I think they are not stable enough for production.  There seems to be some bugs in their installation set.

So I want to upgrade my MSP servers to SolidCP as it seems like you have more stability on your installation and based functionalities.

I know there is a lack of documentation, but I would like to use this opportunity to make new documentation or add to the existing.

The environment I will be upgradings has the following:

  • main web server (iis, ftp, DNS – sql 2012 which is only used for the control panel access)
  • SQL server 2014
  • MySQL Server 5.6
  • Domain Controller 1 (for hosted organization) Windows 2012 r2
  • Domain Controller 2 (for hosted organization) Windows 2012 r2
  • Exchange 2013 sp1

Can I use the tutorials from your current video for the upgrade or is there any new updates?