First of all, freaking bravo on SolidCP. I am just now finding out about this product, and I don’t really understand why or how this is free, but I would love to donate to this project somehow. I feel somewhat dirty getting this for free LOL

While I am new, I have successfully setup a couple of Hyper V nodes on this panel and imported VPS’s. I haven’t really gone through setting up the OS templates and all that fun jazz yet. Just trying to get the base setup first.

I am running into issues on spaces not reporting disk/bandwidth usage. The reports seem to be running, however no data is being collected. Under Space Quotas, it is reporting things like CPU, RAM, etc:

VPS Servers:
8 of Unlimited

VPS Cpu:
59 of Unlimited

VPS Ram, MB:
82944 of Unlimited

VPS Hdd, GB:
1180 of Unlimited

However nothing of bandwidth or disk space. I’ve likely missed a step or did something incorrectly, so please forgive me. I am using the default “System” hosting space still.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


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