I’m getting ready to install SolidCP 1.0.3, I want only manage Exchange Server 2016 with SolidCP, I don’t want other features (Web Space, FTP, ecc. ecc. ecc. ecc.) at all.

My configuration is pretty simple (all servers are Windows 2012R2):

  • (A) server as Domain Controller
  • (B) server as Exchange Server 2016 Mailbox Role (obviously joined to the domain)
  • (C) server dedicated to SolidCP (with SQL Server Express 2014)

I read almost all documentation and all forum threads. What I still don’t understand is if I have to join SolidCP dedicated server to the domain.

When I first install SolidCP Enterprise server on server (C) system ask me “Please specify a new Windows user account for the web site anonymous access and application pool identitity”, “Create Active Directory account” is show as checkbox, this screen let me deduce that I HAVE to join SolidCP dedicated server to the Domain.

My deduction is right?

Thank you