I run a small Hosting Company and want to use SolidCP for customers who have bought a ‘hosting package’.  All our customers are in a database (username, password, name,..etc)

The customers login to our website (DotNetNuke) on which they can view there invoices, change address details, submit a ticket, etc.   In DotNetNuke we installed a ‘module’ which pulls the username/password from the external database when they first login and then put it in it’s own DotNetNuke database.  So the ‘External Database’ is the  SOURCE.  This one is used on a lot of other places too.

Now my question:  Since I don’t want to manually add all my customers to SolidCP,. (they might even change their password via SolidCP,. then there is a mismatch between SolidCP and our Database).  Is there a way to login a customer from an External DB?



  • Have a nightly script fill a user table in SolidCP with users from our Database.
  • ‘Fake’ the users table in SolidCP with a ‘database View’ which i make.  The view comes from our database.
  • Any other option..?
  • Block or remove the ‘change user / change password’ page from SolidCP


Last but not least:  Is there a way of Single-SignOn (SSO) ?

When a customer is logged in on our website, can he click a link to enter SolidCP without logging in again?

(I can run SolidCP from the same IIS server as our website)

Does this require a manual script/page which created a ‘one time password’ under the hood and I redirect the customer to a one-time link?


Kind regards,


Roel Broersma