Hello all.

I have a weird problem.

I’m using SolidCP 1.3.0 with the hMailServer 5.6.6-B2383

– I create a new domain with a web site: example.com. At this stage neither example.com domain or the alias record existing in the hMailServer as expected.
– Then I create a new mail alias for foo@example.com to bar@another.com
– I confirm that the domain (example.com) and the alias record (foo@.. -> bar@…) successfully created, they’re listed on hMailServer’s own panel.

However, if I try to create an account for a newly created domain I get the following message:

“Service item could not be created/updated
You can not create or update service item because the required resource is not available in the current hosting space.”

Here are the screenshots before and after my account creation attempt.



What could be the problem? Any help appreciated.