Good evening everybody,
I am currently experiencing a problem where I do not know if it is a configuration error or a bug of SolidCP or intentional behavior.

Following situation :

I configured SolidCP with Exchange and can connect with outlook too.
Also shows me mxtoolbox and the Microsoft Remote connectivity analyzer shows me no errors.

However, I have problems with mobile phones.
After I have entered the mail address and password, the message appears after the Autodiscover that I should enter the access data, such as server name and domain.

Now I have found out that it is the UPN for all users as follows in the AD and I suspect that this is also the cause of the connection error.

The UPN for all created clients has the following format:

first name surname @ mylocaldomain.local

Did something go wrong here?
Should SolidCP not enter the appropriate entries under Domains and Trusts and set an email policy so the UPN reads as follows:

first name last name @ customer domain. tld ??

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