I upgraded all of our servers to 1.4.2. And it seems to be running fine so far, I have however had 2 bugs or issues, which I dont know if they supposed to be fixed in this version or not.

We have a virtual server comprised of 13 HyperV servers, 1 is a full 2012 GUI Server and the rest are HyperV core. We are using the 1 full version server to be the proxy in solid cp for the other servers.

1.) If I try to move any vm using the solidcp system, it says moved but the actual vm is still on the old server, I have to goto the db and make changes of the server id to the new server id then it all works ok again in solidcp. I am not sure if this was fixed in theis version ?

2.) I create a vm using a template running 2016, the server is created 100% ok, but the network side creates 2 interfaces one configured with a dhcp setting, this picks up the network and works fine. But the other interface is created with the selected ips I have chosen, but not linked with a switch in vm manager, and If I connect it it will not transmit packets, it received but no outgoing.. I am not sure if this is related to this issue that was previously seen in the older version fo solidcp, and maybe it needs some configuration setting changed in solidcp ? Can someone advise me further.

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