• Marco, this is a free product. We do expect some support, but everyone is allowed to be sick.

    Just get well soon and thanks for your time!

  • After the upgrade, I rebooted the server. Just to be sure it wasn’t the server.

    SolidCP is back to it SolidSpeed 😉

  • Yes, the system seems to be working fine. But it does feel a little slower than 1.2.1. Is that something you can explain?

    I will try a reboot this weekend and see if things get better than, maybe.

  • BTW: the top link to is not working. I get a fancy 404 page. The direct link to the topics does work!

  • Hello Marco,


    First, I used the normal script. And as you already thought, it gave errors on the Enterprise DB upgrade (I think).


    The site WAS updated though and seemed to work, but it did not f […]

  • Anybody that has upgraded already?

    I’d love to upgrade to be able to use LetsEncrypt a bit easier, but I really don’t want to take any risks of F-ing up the system.

  • Hello all,

    I recently implemented a server with the latest SolidCP server. I configured it all, moved all my domains to the new server, created mail, etc etc. And now… the new 1.3 is out! Exciting!

    But […]

  • I’ve noticed this today and therefor it has not been patched, I guess?

  • Just a quick update: Since the server was not in production, I decided to completely reinstall the server with Windows Server 2016. I updated it fully and installed the necessary IIS roles and SQL Express […]