• Hi,

    maybe a firewall issue? Are the WHMCS server and the SolidCP Enterprise Server in the same internal network? If yes, it could also be an issue with a loop, if you try to connect with the external FQDN? […]

  • Hi,

    in fact, these are the right fields in the HTML source code. On your first screenshot I was confused by the “delete” images, because on this page you don’t have any delete buttons.

    Neverthenless, in […]

  • Hi,

    that’s the wrong ID unfortunatelly.

    You need to edit the configurable options. A new windows will open, where you can set up the price of each option.

    If you click on the text field left to the price […]

  • Hi,

    I can see from your first screenshot, that the WHMCS IDs are not correct. The first field “Name” should be read correctly from the DB, but it’s empty in your case.

    You can find the correct WHMCS ID […]

  • Hey,

    this is already a known bug in the SolidCP bug tracker. But currently there is no schedule on this issue.

    Best regards


  • Hi Daniel,

    are there any special characters in the public folder name? Like here in Germany we have ö/ä/ü. I’ve realized, that if you use some special chars in the PF name, this error will show up, when tr […]

  • By the way: if it would be possible to add a group, then you could also use the default group, which is created with the organisation and which can’t be changed/deleted. This group is updated automatically, when a […]

  • Hi hdseed,

    you can change the behaviour of creating a username for a service in WHMCS:

    Normally WHMCS uses the domain letters to create a […]

  • Hi hdseed,

    have you removed the URL from the error message “http://:/esUsers.asmx?WSDL”?

    I’m wondering, because normally there should be an address/IP and port between http:// and /esUsers.asmx.

    Could you […]

  • Hi,

    currently there is no way to provision a VPS automatically from WHMCS. You can create the user space with the quotas, can also use configurable options in WHMCS to match with different addons in SolidCP (so […]

  • Have you installed the SolidCP server component on the Hyper-V host? SolidCP Enterprise Server doesn’t communicate directly with Hyper-V. It communicates with the SolidCP server installed on the remote […]

  • Hi,

    which SolidCP version are you using? We’ve made a lot of improvements/bugfixes on the global search box since v. 1.2.0.

    I’ve tested it right now in my dev environment and when I’m logged in as […]

  • Hi,

    normally this error is shown, when WHMCS cannot communicate with the SolidCP Enterprise Server.

    Can you please login to your WHMCS server and try to reach http://xxxxx:9002/ in your browser? It should […]

  • As far as I know it’s currently not possible to inherit the serveradmins hosting plans to the resellers users. So the serveradmin hosting plans can be the hosting spaces from a reseller or a user directly below […]

  • Hi Bijan,

    if you want to use Hosted Exchange only in your hosting plan, please ensure that also a DNS server is included in your hosting plan. Then the domain will be created automatically, if you enable “Tick […]

  • Hi TechGuy,

    do you have set up in the WHMCS product, that a domain name is requiered? If yes, then WHMCS will create a username from the domain name, which should be unique with every hosting plan. In this […]

  • If you want to add more IP addresses for websites, you can do it in your second screenshot by pressing the “Add IP Address” button and choosing the Pool “Web sites” and assigning it to the right server (your IIS […]

  • Hey,

    yes, if you are using Exchange Server, then the option “Create mail account” isn’t working, because there need to be a organization created first. I’ve already on my roadmap to add an automatic creation of […]

  • Plese edit a product in the WHMCS admin area -> Setup -> Products/Services -> Product/Services and go to the Module Settings tab. In this menu, please try to uncheck “Create mail account” and save it. If you can […]

  • Hi TechGuy,

    the link “browse database” in the portal can’t contain a variable like [DOMAIN_NAME], because to which domain should it point? If you look from the reseller perspective, it should point to one […]

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