• Hi Trevor,

    I followed the installer log and got the portal back up and running by copying the backed up app zip content back to the original directory.

    I upgraded the installer to the latest version prior to […]

  • Not sure if this event entry helps:

  • Hi Trevor,

    I don’t think the Enterprise server update was successful. I ran the “check for upgrates” from the Installer:

    But just crashed a few seconds after. I think I saw it backed up something prior the […]

  • I found a warning on the event logs:
    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text […]

  • Hi Trevor,

    Unfortunately its on a server core 2016. is there any other way I could check?

    SCP Server seems to be working fine too:

    Thank you

  • Hey guys ,

    I have mistakenly upgraded my production server from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0 (got confused with so many remote windows open I thought I was tinkering with my test server).
    Anyways, I used the SolidCP […]

  • I’m scratching my head for 4 hours now.. lol. Iv’e done lots of solidcp installs but this one is a brick wall for me, or maybe just something obvious.

    Adding a domain is successful with dns enabled (no website, […]

  • I added the Microsoft DNS Server 2012+ back to the virtual server and removed it again. The error went away.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Marco,

    Yes I actually read your post regarding AD DNS being public. I am using the DNS on the web server (not the DC) for public domains.

    Is this the recommended setup?

    I got past the earlier […]

  • I’ve been trying to do a lab setup for SCP using active directory. Unfortunately I’m stuck at adding a second domain on an account. The DNS on the second domain doesn’t seem to get activated. Screenshot […]