• Some of my clients used to deploy tomcat projects through web engines . That whole section is missing from the website menu.

    There are 2 parts to what you write: 1 admin installs the server side packages, 2 […]

  • I noticed that in 1.3 web engines disappeared from the website menu? Is this deliberate? Can it be switched back on?



  • Thanks. Could you also build in an exception handling to the SSL generation so that when a particular domain name fails, that sould not kill the certification generation, but skip to the next name.

    The […]

  • I just updated to 1.3 over the weekend. I noticed that sites no longer show in the website list whether they have a certificate or now, but my question is about certicate generation. I saw that if I have multiple […]

  • Do you have an ETA for the next version? I think having a minor update with just this would help a lot of us. I also hope that an update path of 1.2.0 to 1.2.2 (?) is also being taken into consideration for those […]

  • When I add a Let’s Encrypt certificate in SolidCP 1.20 and select the domain name on the left and the http://www.domain on the right, the resulting certificate will only be for the domain (alt name same as the domain). […]