• Hi Guys,

    My SolidCP installation has come along from WebSitePanel, and I always did a manual upgrade to where I am now since mt database is still called WebSitePanel and my Server, Portal and Ent Server is […]

  • Hi Marco

    What is the easiest way to transfer websites, myssql, mssql and ftp accounts to a new server. Do I backup the websites, then delete it, change the package from solidcp gui, and then just […]

  • Thanks for the reply Marco, however when I go ti Import Resources it doesn’t pick up anything. I do not see an option to import anything when going to Mail. Am I missing something?

  • Hi,

    I need to set up 15000 email accounts on my MailEnable server. To import it into MailEnable is not a problem, but is there a way to import them into solidCP?


    Maybe via the API, or just an import […]

  • Hi,

    Just installed Ability Email Server 4 on my server, but when I try to add it in SolidCP I get a message saying the expected version is not installed on my server. Is version 4 not supported or is there a […]

  • Hi Support, I have converted MSPControl to SolidCP on Monday. Suddenly password reminder emails are not working. The error message says the reminder letter has not been specified or has a blank body. After […]