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    Thanks for this tip…. works perfectly now, never thought of trying that


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    I just did that, but no luck.. it didn’ work, maybe I will just forget about it and manually bind the certificates, this works, I tested.

    After manually binding, solidcp could import the ssl settings […]

  • What would be the advised way to do this without causing problems?


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    SolidCP Pool was installed by your installer with Aspnet v4. just took the defaults your installer assigned at the time. Server has aspnet 4.5 installed

    It is IIS 8.5, windows 2012 R2

    Portal […]

  • Hello again


    You have no idea why this isn’t working the way it was supposed to work?

    I would like to upgrade the other servers but would like to know why let’sencrypt is failing on binding the website […]

  • OK, found three entries with that source:


    Adding new https binding for “solidcp.euro10.2v.net” – eventid 54551

    Running in unattended mode with plugin “iissite” – eventid 750

    Running LEWS version […]

  • It shows Version 1.3.0

    Another thing…. on this section it is only enabled option ‘Use SNI (Server Name Indication)’, should ‘Use Centralized Certificate Store:’ also be selected? It is not…

    Certificate […]

  • The enterprises in on the same server, over… tested opening this url, responds fine




  • Thanks for the quick reply, only info on event viewer is this… does this help?


    Event code: 3005
    Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred.
    Event time: 03/10/2017 20:06:51
    Event time (UTC): […]

  • We just upgraded a full solidcp install with about 2 months, version 1.2.1, to 1.3.0 and now have access to Let’s Encrypt certificates.

    Just tested adding to a test website but it takes a long time processing […]

  • OK will try to delete and recreate…. any idea when your new version with this issue corrected will be available?



  • Hello

    Just got this email from the control panel

    solidcp 8/5/2017 7:23:00 PM Failure: LETS_ENCRYPT_INSTALL:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.; at […]