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    yes I second this

  • I am interested in this myself. Currently we have blank images of the ubuntu and centos servers setup and preconfigured, and solidcp can provision these to a server, but the ip address and passwords need to be […]

  • you can gippo the system, on the enterprise server set it up using solidcp installer to get the correct info, ie and passwords, etc. Once3 done goto the iis manager and add an additional binding to […]

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    yes we see the log files growing substantially as well, constant hit on the services files, its not the solidcp logs growing its the smatermail website logs folder that logs web reqests our log files […]

  • basically what you are doing is correct. you do need to rename it back to .scpak

    basically all the packageid should be linked to the specific clients package.

  • did you make sure you changed all the packageids and paths in the xml file and then update the zip with the updated file ?

    You need to extract the xml file, edit it and then update the zip file with the updated […]

  • You basically open the zip file, either rename it to .zip or use a zip program that can open the file, rename is simplest.

    Edit the backupcatalog.xml file.

    You need to edit the packageid=”xx” to the new […]

  • Hi Trevor,

    Any Movement on this checkbox issue, I just got caught out myself, cant it just be selected automatically, we on 1.3.0 now surely this is a simple fix

  • ok well thats dandy.. ok my installer now updated the installer and no portal, enterprize or server, I took the config from the old install but it causes the installer to crash immediately

  • [2017/10/01 11:43:42 PM] SolidCP.Installer Started by HOSTWEB30Administrator
    [2017/10/01 11:43:42 PM] INFO: WindowsServer2008 detected
    [2017/10/01 11:43:42 PM] INFO: IIS 7.5 detected
    [2017/10/01 […]

  • I also have a script that gets the vms usage of options including bandwidth, etc, however these files are external files and I need to get them to import into the solidcp bandwidth tables.

  • Trevor can you confirm that a vps uses the account summary and not the vm summary, I have setup a vm summary template, and it seems to look at the account summary, I edited that with variables for vms and it works […]

  • I can confirm this, this happens on all versions of SM, we have a 12ver and then all ver 15, all the options work except for the saving of the signature. No error or anything, the get and set of the account […]

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    ok the issue with the mysql data folder fix. does not work, because the moment you change the folder to the datafiles location the backup no longer works.

    We have installed mysql on the server on […]

  • would you be prepared to share your script maybe, as I sit with the same issue bandwidth collection not working.

  • Ok this is the same issue I had with my setup, I got clever and configured the enterprise server for, and configured the portal server settings for the enterprise to the same settings, the […]

  • I would reccomend that you dual bind your server to two ports namely 1433, and then some other port like 1435 or something. Then you firewall off the 1433 from the public users and only allow the other port ie […]

  • Hi Please see follow up in ticket. I will close this here

  • What are the variables that can be used in the templates, can the domain name be placed in the hosting space email and user emails ? I need to customize the control panel location and the instant alias domains […]

  • dam i’m not with it today.. haha ok here is the info you need to put in your php.ini

    ok download the cert place from here

    it in the extras folder and add this […]

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