• That actually worked, I’d suggest putting a note in documentation for other users who may have problems installing on a domain controller. Of course, now the Panel is just taking forever to respond (it might not, […]

  • After staring at the error for an hour, I noticed that it spoke of the “Log on as batch job” policy, so I went into group policy editor and added IIS_IUSRS, to no avail. I’m going to uninstall and reinstall, […]

  • They were all members of IIS_IUSRS

  • I changed the Passwords in AD Users and Computers, and then again in IIS, but the event viewer still reports that the identities for Enterprise Server and Portal pools are invalid.

  • Every time the App Pool crashes, it results in the same order of Event IDs (5021, 5057, 5059)

    How would I go about changing the password in the App Pool (and under AD Users and Computers, I would change the […]

  • For both of them (Enterprise and Portal) the identity of the application pool is invalid. I don’t know what to do about the username and password ‘maybe being incorrect’ since the Installer creates the SolidCP […]

  • I checked the event viewer application logs for each IIS related thing, and there was nothing involving the application pools in question.

  • By Event Log, you mean eventvwr, yes?

    If so, nothing involving the App Pools.


    In the log files that IIS makes, only the Server Site has a log.

    Not sure where I’m supposed to look.



  • I just installed SolidCP on my Windows Server 2016 Machine, and the installation itself seemed to go smoothly, but I cannot access the Portal or Enterprise Server from the web, as their App Pools are Stopped […]

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