• Not sure what process you went through but just do a manual update, its the safest method:

  • It’s a Windows Schedule, single one for all certs. It’s not a SolidCP task. 
    When you successfully created your first certificate it will build it in 
    Windows via the powershell scripts that’s bundled with l […]

  • Ram, we had the same error and was able to resolve it by completely deleting the SolidCP Server folder on the IIS server and installing 1.4 Server manually with the latest Zip. Seems some upgrades somewhere along […]

  • Hi Guys,

    When trying to put in lengthy TXT record values via SolidCP, Simple DNS is coming back with an error as for lengthy values you need to add multiple lines to stop hitting the 255 limit.
    For example […]

  • Thanks Trevor, really appreciate your help.
    Deleting the schedule and installing a new cert has recreated the correct schedule 🙂

  • Thanks Trevor,

    I am worried I screwed it by using a command prompt to set a cert as a test in a separate letsencrypt directory before the solidcp one was working.

    That did set a schedule […]

  • Does it create a new scheduled task for each certificate? Or just one for all?

  • Marco,
    Can you please confirm the letsencrypt renewal schedules are built into the SolidCP scheduler service?
    Do we need to do anything regarding this or is it all built in?

  • Ye thanks for all your help, its appreciated.
    I realised there must be an upgrade gone wrong somewhere once I saw the referenced dll versions were wrong. So I deleted the server directory and did a fresh install […]

  • Looking into this some more, it appears to be trying to use the iis7 dll instead of the iis8 one to carry out the domain authentication via the “create temporary application in IIS” method of certificate […]

  • It is a SolidCP error as far as I can tell.
    If I unzip the letsencrypt-win-simple into a fresh new directory on the server and run it manually it works fine and can successfully create and bind certificates […]

  • Updated to 1.4 and still cant install Lets Encrypt on anything:

    ReflectionTypeLoadException: “Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more […]

  • I have just tried with a valid domain that resolves.
    Set its port 80 bindings to All Unassigned as well.
    Still fails with same error.
    Any other ideas?

  • Hi,
    In the upcoming version could you please add an extra option of “No Managed Code” to the Website > Extensions > ASP.NET version dropdown.
    Some users need this to run .Net Core in their application pools.

    Many thanks.

  • Same error is shown in command line when running command also:

    letsencrypt.exe –plugin iissite –siteid 134 –emailaddress myaddress@example.com –accepttos –closeonfinish


  • I have applied that patch. Same problem.
    Windows 2012 R2. Server running well. No problems with anything else.

  • I get the same error:
    Exception “Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.”
    Did you get it fixed?

  • Any ideas?

  • HI Trevor,

    Its in Windows Logs > Application

    There is nothing under Applications and Services Logs -> SolidCP for weeks.

  • Hi,
    We have upgraded to latest and all showing 1.3 on all servers.
    When installing Lets Encrypt it says its installed.
    Refresh that page and its not installed.
    Application log on server shows:

    Exception […]

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