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  • Hello,

    the SMB share error is not a problem, it just means you need to manually backup SQL before starting, then simply use the 1.6 script which continues after backup error –> the rest works fine.



  • Hello,

    Yes this is possible.

    First make sure SolidCP is setup and working 100% (so make a test domain/site, make sure it all works).

    Once it works the routine will go as followed:

    Create a SolidCP […]

  • Hello,

    The default settings your looking for is in serveradmin home –> bottom right –> “policies”  (then the web policy settings etc).

    It will then set to dedicated app pool user where the users user is […]

  • Just make an ip with private ip address and assign it into dns?

  • The master IP is the one configured as ‘listening IP’ in the SolidCP DNS Properties.

    if you need it to be your private ip you can just configure it to your private one.

  • If you receive the same error with the Win Simple client directly your best to contact them on their github.

    Last report i saw on their forum was closed due to no response on this type of issue.

  • Application log (of event viewer) should have all errors and warnings in this regard.

    You can also check application specific logs (3rd three) where SolidCP has it’s own log on every SolidCP Server.

    In both […]

  • Hello,

    Did you check all event logs? (portal, enterprise, server) ?

    As such error should always generate an event (if it’s an error or warning doesn’t matter).

    If there’s really no information anywhere at […]

  • Hello,

    SolidCP is not the one replicating records, thats done by the default master/ slave record setting in MS DNS.

    SolidCP just configures the primary and secondary zones as expected.

    With secondary […]

  • Hello,

    Are you the server owner?

    If so did you install the mysql connector in the url provided by Numplus?

    Is mysql working in configuration –> Servers –> your mysql service? (no errors when pressing […]

  • Hello,

    Can you verify a few things?

    Domains you test with have to be able to resolve over port 80 (all iis bindings of that site) so they all have to be valid.
    Updated to SolidCP v1.4.0 (which has a new […]

  • Option has not been added yet.

    We focussed on fixing the reported bugs in regard to LE instead with 1.4.0.

  • Hello,

    I understand the request (we have looked in this before).

    Unfortunately from a code stand point it requires quite a bit of rewriting (as the app pool bits are used all over SolidCP codes, not just for […]

  • Alright.

    for FTP is it ms FTP (iis) or are you using something like filezilla?

    From all your services the main issue(s) will be IIS (and IIS FTP if you use it).

    The others migrate very easy with all […]

  • Go to Configuration –> servers –> servername –> click your IIS Service –> Scroll near the bottom where the SSL options are, there should be an SNI checkbox present.

    You then simply save I think existing […]

  • Hello,

    Migrations more or less depend on services.

    for example do you use IIS FTP?, IIS web? Dedicated application pools?

    Mailenable (this one is easy to migrate), and what else?

    Basically the main […]

  • Hello,

    Is your SNI checked in the Web service settings?

    without SNI (iis 8.5 and higher) only dedicated IP addresses can have SSL



  • Glad it worked 🙂

    The reason for the issue was a version change which changed the handling of the iframe helicon ape script is using.

    After adjusting it’s handler it is back in with the 4.5 […]

  • Hello,

    Normally if it can’t access the servers it should show an error while executing the powershell .

    Do you double click to run it or do you open up powershell –> go to the dir –> then execute […]

  • Hello,

    What version of your update script are you using?

    as the ones published since v1.2.0 automatically pick up new versions/ urls etc as expected.



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