Marco Tiggelaar

  • Thank you very much for trusting me. (i have received the info).
    it’s 1:30 am here so i am about to log the day.

    tomorrow morning it’s one of the first things on my list.

    i feel confident this should still […]

  • Oh please note if you need to lock RDP down to ip, let me know in the ticket, we have static ip’s we work with (but we do not release that info in the public to avoid spoofing).

  • RDP, Administrator rights.
    I need access to the Portal (server it self and the portal serveradmin or peer), Enterprise, and the SolidCP Server which has the mail on it.

    and sysadmin mssql access to the SolidCP […]

  • Alright perfect.

    I normally never ask for login details etc, but given it being a serious high priority issue i want to do everything i can to make sure i can speed along a permanent fix for everyone 🙂

  • mhm i agree

    which makes it very odd that i am having so much difficulty reproducing the issue so far.

    Would it be possible for one of you to lend me access to your portal / enterprise / server and the mssql […]

  • Ok.
    let me see what else i can try to reproduce the issue.


    If i can’t reproduce anything still i will need to look through the change logs which might take a bit longer.

  • I tried reproducing it the following way:

    Created new hosting space
    added and to domains + dns
    created mail account  with
    created alias […]

  • Sorry for the delay (silence) on the matter.

    I hope to have a permanent fix ready within the next 48 hours.

    My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused..

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the information

    i will add it to the source within 24 hours, it will then be part of the next release in a 2.5 months.

  • So what are you getting when you run SolidCP ServerbinLetsEncryptletsencrypt.exe –plugin iissite –siteid 1 –emailaddress –accepttos –closeonfinish 

    where siteid is the actual site […]

  • Can you explain the “did some script code and 503 error”?

    If you did any custom code the most easy is to stick with SolidCP default and simply push over the full original portal files back into place. (or a […]

  • Hello,

    Based on the error i would say the upgrade didn’t went 100%.

    It’s basically missing changes to the code which causes this error.

    Please try and upgrade all to 1.3.0 using the automatic update […]

  • Hello,

    Error 503 are generally always caused by a stopped application pool however if thats not the case i guess checking for further information or errors in event viewer will be the key.

    First of all: what […]

  • Hello,

    I think this is a problem with the client we use: LetsEncrypt win Simple.

    However the odd thing is the bindings are normally supposed to be created pretty well (by the client).

    besides * bindings […]

  • Hello,

    Can you see any errors or issues in the Audit log or the Event Viewer ?



  • Hello,

    No worries about the questions, it’s what we are here for 🙂

    You can import the existing mail accounts (make sure you have the domain inside the panel before importing the email domain though!)

    go […]

  • Hello,

    We have not yet added support for 10.2, i will add it to my list together with MS SQL 2017

  • Thank you for sharing this info.

    from explicit ip to * (for new websites) is in the Web service settings at the top: 

    Do note this applies for new sites only.

    For existing sites changing the bindings […]

  • Ah.

    Website with dedicated IP requires an additional fix which i am still testing.

    I hope to finish that within the next 48 hours

  • Hello,

    The Portal it self doesn’t have this option (yet) it just creates it for websites hosted by the portal currently.

    We are planning to expand it to portal/enterprise/server / ftp /webdav but that won’t […]

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