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  • ah.

    Without a previous config it’s going to be alot of manual work.

    I would recommend to wait a few weeks till i fixed it (i can make a beta for that once it’s available).

  • Do you have an existing 2016 or lower server connected to SolidCP?

    If so i would duplicate it’s config then push it over to the new server (so solidCP thinks its running on SQL 2016)

  • I will add MSSQL 2017 support before the next release comes out. (so max 2-3 months).

  • Hello,

    You would need to do custom development that hooks into the DNS provider (in SolidCP Server project) of your primary DNS server.


    I don’t think this would be possible without custom […]

  • Hey,

    Sorry for the delay in my answer i did quite a bit of research on it.

    Are your port 80 bindings with * or with a specific ip?

    If it’s with specific ip i might have the fix for you (just need to do a […]

  • Hello,

    Just download the following:

    then just copy over the files in that zip to your SolidCP Server, once done you might want to run an […]

  • Im looking into this bug. i will report back once i have some news.


    hdseed: You need to configure SMTP in the System settings region.

    You should also check out mail templates and set the correct mail […]

  • The first release does depend on IIS 6 Management Compatability –> IIS 6 Scripting Tools.

    This has already been changed in the source that it no longer depends on iis 6 scripting tools compatability but it was […]

  • Hello,

    From your logs it appears your using the v2.0 module ?


    what IIS version are you using it on?

    and are you using dedicated ip’s?



  • Hello,

    Right click powershell –> run as administrator

    then just cd C:filelocation  and finally ./filename.ps1

    this should work, do make sure you are logged in with or d […]

  • i’m not 100% sure if i get the question but:

    Lets Encrypt requires no configuration or installation it’s shipped with SolidCP it self.

    I do recommend enabling SNI in the IIS Properties at SolidCP […]

  • hmm thats an indication it has an slow connection with the Enterprise server.

    is the enterprise server on the same server as the SolidCP Portal? (if so is it configured to lookup enterprise over […]

  • Hello,

    It shouldn’t take too long to execute (on our dev and live it’s maybe 10 seconds or so).

    Do you have any logs in event viewer or similar as to why it’s stuck?


    By default Lets encrypt will […]

  • Windows 2008 lacks SNI there for with a single ip you would only have the ability to have 1 single certificate.

  • It sounds like either your enterprise or portal didn’t fully update properly

    was there any warning or error when running the 1.6 other then the one reported earlier?

    In either case you can […]

  • Manually backup the database in question.

    then use the older script:

    This script will show the same error but continue after […]

  • Hello,

    Currently it’s tied together with the SSL quota.

    In the next release SSL quota will have 2 sub-quota’s (one for LE and one for normal certs)



  • thank you for this report.

    It’s odd that it was excluded from the build but i will fix it asap.

    My apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you.

  • hello,

    Can you right click on powershell and open as administrator?

    you then go to the file location using: cd c:yourfilelocation

    and then run the powershell script using ./yourpsscript.ps1

    It should […]

  • If you sign up to the contributors license:

    we will provide you a Gitlab login to the same email address

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