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  • If you have added Mailenable in Configuration –> Servers –> servername

    And the service is either in a Virtual Server or directly selected in Account menu –> Hosting plans.

    It should show you Mail in the […]

  • Hello,

    The secondary dns also needs to be added as a SolidCP Server

    You then add the DNS role to that secondary server.

    Go to the Primary DNS Service properties–> you can then select listening ip, aswell […]

  • Hello,

    The exchange setup letter is just an mail template,

    You can fully adjust it by going to SolidCP serveradmin homepage –> bottom right “Mail Templates” –> Exchange setup letter (or similar).



  • Hello,

    mssql 2017 has it’s own quota’s, so simply adjusing hosting plan won’t automatically fix existing hosting spaces normally.

    Can you verify it displays correctly when you created a new space?



  • Hello,

    Message did not meet security requirements.

    Generally means that there’s an issue with the connection to SolidCP server.

    Possible reasons:

    Wrong password given in Portal
    Password with […]

  • Hello,

    You can change it via the database by just adjusting the ProviderID in the Service table for existing ones (new ones will not be applied to existing hosting spaces for example).

    The error given: […]

  • Hey,

    No problem and glad you sorted it.

    It actually confused me too as there are no other settings then the ones i mentioned haha 🙂



  • I don’t see your user/ email under our contributors list.

    can you please verify your information via ticket?

  • Hello,

    Can you look at the hosting space “Space statistics” –> Edit space details (right side of space statistics page).

    It will show which hosting plan it uses, any addons and an option to overwrite the […]

  • Hello,

    Sorry but thats not possible.

    the regex code is not present in a file you can edit without compiling the source.

    Besides the regex it self there’s also several files adjusted to allow proper idn […]

  • SolidCP Services are all version specific.

    So the old IIS 7 provider in windows 2012 is IIS 8 provider (should be adjusted)

    The old windows 2008 system provider should be turned into the windows 2012 […]

  • Hello,

    Assuming you own the server or .user.ini is enabled you can enable it with the php configurations available.

    SolidCP doesn’t modify .ini’s or .user.ini’s

    Personally i wouldn’t enable short open […]

  • Hello,

    How are you switching from 2008 to 2012?

    As normally this would require a change in the mssql database (either providerID in services or depending on your method ServiceID in ServiceItems and […]

  • No,


    Is the correct config file.

    If it’s missing (generally only happens with the installer update method which tends to delete it) your best to grab a copy from : […]

  • Hello,

    If it starts and stops again it’s usually due to the Scheduler config in enterprisebin not being correct.

    (Database connection string or cipher key).

    Please double check the config and compare it […]

  • Glad it’s working now.

    The renewal process is handled by the LetsEncrypt win Simple client.

    It creates a windows task for renewals etc.

    You won’t need to configure a thing 🙂

  • thought in last post you also tried the client with same result?

    anyways if the client you downloaded works you can just replace it with the SolidCP’s one. (copy over files).

    Regarding the error […]

  • Hello,

    As your issue is present even on the LetsEncrypt win simple client there’s no way SolidCP can fix the issue in your case (as we just use their client).

    The way to go around to get it working would […]

  • Glad you got it sorted.

    It’s odd it worked before but if you used userid’s as names that would make sense it used to work (to my knowledge no changes has been made in the soap call, whmcs plugin for example […]

  • Hello,

    From what i know no changes has been made to the actual user aspects.

    There is one bug which might be related (but existed in 1.3.0 too) which is special chars in the SolidCP User password.

    This […]

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