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  • Hello,

    We have a 3 month cycle (approximately).

    Next release is in January, however due to some developments we did not yet set a specific date at this point, we hope to be able to do that later on this […]

  • Hello,

    Q1. From what i know A password reset url is possible if the Cloud Storage portal is setup however when a password request is sent the account is automatically locked out untill the password is reset as […]

  • Hello,

    Can you provide any more details about your error?

    For example in audit log, or in event viewer on the Hosted Org and SfB server?



  • Hello,

    Is your SolidCP user set with email as HTML or Plain text?

    Plain text has an anchient bug all the way from WebsitePanel days and will error out when you try to create a mailbox, so always make sure […]

  • Hello,

    the build script will build as per your Solution in visual studio.

    Though what are you trying to change in the installer?



  • Hello,

    The browse url is purely what site opens when you click in SolidCP “Browse Database”

    This should always be set to the hosting providers phpmyadmin sql url and does not change when you host multiple […]

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately we are far behind on the documentation at this point (it’s a large project and a team that works on support/ dev/ etc in their free time there’s always plenty to do and little time to do it […]

  • Hello,

    Glad the issue was resolved.

    The errors experiencing seems like the SolidCP Modules weren’t uninstalled through the installer but most likely the installer was removed it self.

    In such case your […]

  • Hello,

    Can you be a bit more specific to your issue?

    For domains to work the DNS records need to point to the correct server, IIS Bindings should be set correctly by solidcp once a website is created in […]

  • by the way it’s easier to keep the issues under the same topic (as their all the same build source related issues).

  • Hello,

    it means the build failed,

    While running the bat you should get a full output of the error (and warnings) at the bottom.

    The 94 warnings are expected, the 1 error you will need to investigate as to […]

  • For all functions is going to be impossible to list, as besides building the code you will also need to have all software (that you want to test/build) installed and configured correct (In your case this would be […]

  • Hello,

    before your able to run the project you will need to build the project using the build-release.bat file included in the source.

    It will generate and put in place all nessecary dll’s into several sln […]

  • the MS connection perms is mainly port 9001 / 9002

    aslong as you can load those sites in the whmcs server the connectivity should be working correctly.

    The only left other aspect is PHP Soap module on the […]

  • Hello,

    The initial configuration should have added the first server with some basic services on it.

    since your getting “Error getting remote server information” most likely indicates that your bindings have […]

  • Hello,

    Yes that is to be expected.

    The record however will function 100% as intended this way (you can verify by looking it up).

    It’s simply how MS DNS stores it, while SolidCP displays it as most panels […]

  • Hello,

    It sounds like your having issues with IIS it self. (either missing roles or actual issues with the configs).

    Can you try and run:
    Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-core, Web-Server, […]

  • For solidcp theres really only 2 things that require backup, with it you can always make a full restore:

    Enterprise web.config
    MSSQL Database of SolidCP (in MSSQL Management –> Right click the db and […]

  • hmm,

    Can you try making the hostname without the port just ip? (as it normally puts the port behind automatically)

    For the portal url you can then override in the Product module options.

  • If it’s on another server and not in a domain i don’t think the current auto upgrade script can work for you.

    It’s not using the mssql login details in the SolidCP web.config as thats a database user only, to […]

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