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  • Hello,

    Can you specify what exactly your missing?

    As web engines is kinda meant for serveradmins to install specific server side packages which is still present in the Server settings pages



  • Hello,

    Could you check in IIS management if the domain already exists in websites (as site name, no need to check all bindings normally)

    also check the application pools

    If the website is not present […]

  • Hello,

    Is the mailbox in ECP under Litigation hold?

    As that would prevent anyone (including the panel) from deleting untill it’s out of on hold status.



  • Hello,

    on creation of each hosting space it assigns the service ID’s to the specific hosting space.

    So when it later changes in Virtual server existing customers do not pick up on the new servers/ service […]

  • Hello,

    The error sounds like not all modules where upgraded.

    Make sure SolidCP Portal, Enterprise and all SolidCP Servers need to be 1.3.0

    Once their all properly updated Instant Alias no longer exists, […]

  • Hello,

    Yes a Reseller can add it’s own users under it’s own hosting plans.

    The way a reseller works is:

    Serveradmin assigns a hosting plan to the reseller
    The hosting plan of the Serveradmin becomes […]

  • Well, i would assume this is a localized (environmental) problem.

    All our servers uplinks (we have several locations hosting SolidCP files around the world) are redundant 1Gbit to Redundant 10Gbit lines in […]

  • Thats our master repo which should be fast (especially from within EU but even from China it worked perfect for me).

    Do you have any firewall or security in place which might cause this issue?

    As normally it […]

  • Hello,

    We indeed have reverted the website list in v1.2.1.

    This bit of code was pushed by one of our ex-contributors while the codes was not his (and did not include the proper copyrights as required by the […]

  • hello,

    if you ping what ip do you get?

    basically  the installer should download the whole zip in seconds (it does for all my deployments)

    alternatively you can also chose to install […]

  • I would double check the SolidCP Server, and Portal aswell for there time out values

    For the connection string enterprise web.config only and maybe if needed the Scheduler config in the enterprisebin

  • Hello,

    I think the error is mainly summerized with: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found

    Did you enable Mailcleaner service ?

    If so you will need to make sure the api url is set […]

  • Alright,

    Can you check if the SolidCP Scheduler is still started in services mmc on the enterprise server?

    (if not double check that the enterprisebinscheduler config has the same cipher key and connection […]

  • I will have to do some more testing.

    I will keep you posted on any update (next release it should be fixed, but i could push a quick fix update once i fixed it in source).

  • Can you verify when you go to :

    Configuration –> Servers –> Click on settings for each.

    They should list the file path + version number on the right side.

    and no connection error at the top.

  • Most easy is to check google for those but:

    MSSQL Connection string you add “Connection Timeout=30” for example

    For exact values on web.config it’s better to just open up a web.config and check for any time […]

  • Glad to hear that 🙂

    And sorry for my slow response.. i got sick for nearly 2 weeks which caused quite a backlog of work for everyone. (100% back now though!)

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the report.

    IE can always be a bit tricky (i heard in some cases enabling compatibility fixes things).

    I will try and reproduce in our dev lab in the near future to address the […]

  • What email provider are you using?

    as the mail issue in this topic is specific to hmailserver which should now be working for everyone (atleast we verified fix on our dev lab).

  • Hello,

    the forum won’t allow me to paste it in here.

    I will create a standard template zip with all email templates in there tomorrow and push the url here.



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