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  • Hello,

    It seems there’s some issue with the ticket system submit page (it will be fixed shortly).

    You can however purchase support at:

    However if there’s an […]

  • Hello,

    Error 400 sounds like a bad configuration on the server aspect.

    Do you have MVC framework installed? version 4.5 or higher?

    Alternatively i would recommend checking out the event viewer for […]

  • The problem is that SolidCP is made for segregation of everything. (not just boss vs staff, but also think about multiple organizations which have nothing to do with eachother who can see eachothers status’s, or […]

  • It is scheduled to fix up so you can add the default group to calendar (and other) permissions for mailboxes (it was actually planned to be released with 1.4.0 however due to bugs it got reverted).

    In this case […]

  • Hello,

    I have disabled the edited answer alert function.

    I am not sure why this forum is suddenly having so much issues with their codes and my appologies for that.

    I assume the wrongful email alerts are […]

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately it will remain a large learning curve (even when you work with the codes daily/ weekly it’s alot of searching due to the many different ways the codes has been created over the many […]

  • Hello,

    Manual upgrade will always be possible.

    In 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 it’s really no web.config changes so all you need to do is download the manual upgrade package, copy over the files and do the SQL upgrade […]

  • Hello,

    You can disable per organization (assuming you have it allowed in hosting plan)

    Each organization can have it’s own password policy by going to Hosted Organizations –> Password Policy in someones […]

  • Hello,

    It has been changed in version 1.4.0.

    The reason why is pretty simple: the default before allowed people to view the calendar for everyone in the organization, this is ofcourse not wanted behaviour […]

  • For the error mentioned there’s an application feed url in the SolidCP Portal –> System Settings –> Application feed area.

    Just add the custom urls as given in the forum post in my previous answer and the […]

  • If thats the case i assume you have the wrong error attached to the issue.

    download first feed failed: System.Net.WebException: Url ‘’ ret […]

  • Hello,

    Please check:

    you basically have to update the feed url’s.



  • Hello,

    “The supplied credential for ‘TBSWDMBX02mcladmin’ is invalid”  is pretty straight forward. it means the SolidCP Server application pool user has not been given the correct permissions (member of grou […]

  • If your logged in with serveradmin –> space details –> import resources bottom right.

    Normal users, resellers, etc do not have this option as it shows anything on the server not assigned to anyone.

  • Yes, the * 9002 would be custom (but required if you want to connect from an external whmcs server).

    In that case the only other aspect i can imagine is the url’s not exactly matching or not resolveable for the […]

  • Hello,

    Silly question but: are you logged in as Domain administrator?

    (it appears it’s in the path of the local administrator user instead).



  • Hello,

    From the error it appears it’s having issues contacting SolidCP Enterprise.

    can you verify the bindings in IIS Management are correct? (by default it’s which means it only works on the […]

  • Hello,

    Retention policy error shouldn’t be related to unable to change mailbox plan.

    A few things that normally does affect the situation is Recoverable items (both in hosting plan and mailbox plan) it has […]

  • Try without the UNC path enabled.

    It should pretty much work out of the box (so little to no configurations needed).

  • Hello,

    In php.ini there’s 2 upload values you should increase to the limit, once done do an iisreset so changes are picked up.

    In the end solidcp does not limit any such function it’s purely php settings and […]

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