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  • Hello,

    The error can be pretty much summerized with: The request failed with HTTP status 403: Forbidden.

    This means your SolidCP Server doesn’t have the permissions to access that file/directory (do note […]

  • Only the serveradmin can change the policy values for prefixes and suffixes.

    If you just have a normal account you will need to check with the Hosting provider to solve this for you.

  • Hello,

    The max 16 chars is a mysql limit.

    in your case you must have set prefix [USER_NAME]_ in the mysql policy (found under serveradmin home –> bottom right –> Policies).

    Your best to change this to […]

  • Hello,

    That error is about a password mismatch from the SolidCP Server.

    You can either compare the old web.config of SolidCP server with the new and make sure the password value is correct and generate a new […]

  • Hello,

    Currently not all features are known yet (as quite a bit is still in testing phase which may or may not be part of the next release).

    However here’s the list thats confirmed done and passed the […]

  • Thank you for reporting this.

    I will check it out on our dev lab and see if there’s any api changes with the new version.

  • You will need to contact the hosting company in question.

    SolidCP is just hosting control panel software to control servers and provide an easy to use interface.

    Everyone is free to download and use it so we […]

  • Hello,

    This has to do with the server of the hosting company.

    Do you own the server your self or are you making use of a hosting companies server to host your websites/ emails?



  • Hello,

    The mailcleaner url we have ends with a / (so )

    Other then that your SolidCP server ip has to be allowed in mailcleaner api authorization pages (else mailcleaner will not allow […]

  • Hello,

    The binding is due to a bug with the Letsencrypt win simple client.

    This is fixed in the dev source code and will be part of the january release.

    Other then that the import certificate […]

  • Hello,

    SolidCP does everything via SOAP calls (from portal, to enterprise to server)

    Technically you can call this an “api” to call the soap calls to Enterprise (which has pretty much all functions and […]

  • I’m not sure if the feature works for whmcs.

    however for IIS dns record [host_name]  with [ip] value is required since wsp times in instant alias (i am not sure if this is still mandatory).

    I can say that […]

  • I have seen mixed results with people running WHMCS on windows.

    I think it largely depends on the features / addons / etc you plan on using.

    Though the main part is if you plan on using whmcs support it’s […]

  • You can yes.

    Please note to only post confirmed bugs in our bug tracker (if there’s any doubt if it’s due to configuration / usage / setup it should be posted here, if it’s confirmed it can be added to the bug tracker).

  • Hello,

    If their Windows 2016 servers it will work the same as any normal deployment so normal guides can be followed.

    One small correction on the server plans though: whmcs doesn’t support Windows, only […]

  • From what i know the module i linked was the latest code before v6+ became a requirement (whmcs module doesn’t need the equal version to SolidCP it only had few updates).

  • Hello,

    The preview domain does create the A records but only if they exist.

    So if you have mail / ftp / web created and enable preview domain –> it creates the records as you would expect (this was fixed in […]

  • Hello,

    a few things to check:

    Do you have PHP Soap extension installed on the linux box?
    The IP / Hostname correct in the WHMCS Servers section? (do not add http:// etc there)
    make sure that port […]

  • Hello,

    The old whmcs module can be found here:



  • Hello,

    You can go to space statistics –> on the right side “Edit Details”

    You can there change hosting plans, add addon’s. etc



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