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    we have noticed a bug in 1.3 when deleting a user from an hosted organization, deleting the first user works correctly, however if we try to delete another user it gets stuck on the please wait […]

  • hi all,


    just an update to this ticket, i have resolved the issue. issue was due to having set a recoverableitemsquota that was less than the calendarlogging quota. It advised that the calendarloggingquota […]

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    i have turned on verbose logging and i do see the follow result

    Cmdlet failed. Cmdlet Set-Mailbox, parameters -RetentionUrl “” -RecoverableItemsQuota “100 MB (104,857,600 bytes)” – […]

  • We have just created a new mailbox plan which gives our users a 50 GB quota on their mailboxes. We have changed users to the new mailbox plan but it is not updating their quota from the previously set 25 […]

  • Hi there,


    we have a issue when deleting a user with a mailbox we get the dreaded “please wait” and this never completes.


    We can delete a Exchange mailbox from a user OK but are unable to remove t […]

  • Hi Eran,


    we currently pull this information from active directory and run a custom report as we need to pull together Solidcp information along with AD information for our reporting.