• I am also interested for which version ‘Let’s Encrypt integration’ is set ?

  • Thanks Trevor!


    So I can just generate a simple HTML forum from my ASP, PHP or any other CMS code..  Which looks like this:




    {$SolidCP_url} = Server Url, like: http […]

  • (oops, something went wrong with Copy, paste)

    I mean:


    Is this correct?   I see a Login-link is generated but you still need a password.  or is a session added using these lines:  ?

  • Thanks Marco,   I will looked at the POST script and will document/explain my solution here so anyone can integrate SolidCP in their own Website with Single-Signon.



    I am looking file: ht […]

  • I also get the error: “Management Service is not installed on the web server. Please contact your system administrator.”


    I installed it under Windows Features/Roles -> IIS.

    In the Internet Information […]

  • I found the problems.. or at least.  I can overcome this error.


    I installed the .NET Framework 3.5  (from Add Windows Features/Roles)
    After clicking “Install a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt”, yo […]

  • I am having the same issue.

    Windows 2016 Server. SolidCP 1.2

    When trying to Get Let’s Encrypt certificate for a website, I’ll get the following error.   I can reproduce it, so if anyone wants to take a look […]