• MY FAULT!!   I got it working.   For some reason we posted the  USERID  from the DotNetNuke site (which is in fact the USERNAME in SolidCP).  We should post the USERID.

    Very strange this worked before.. (which […]

  • I have just installed Fiddler on the Same server as where the ENTERPRISE Server is running.    Then I even get a NullPointer Exception / Stack Trace…  :




    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error […]

  • Hi,  I’ve tested while setting the password policy and complexity OFF (in SolidCP) and entererd a very simple password  (just something like:  t1e2s4sapp )

    The strange thing is I get a “Server was unable to pr […]

  • Hello,


    I had created our own ‘Single-Signon’ solution:

    When a users logs into our website (DotNetNuke),  under-the-water a password CHANGE is done in the SolidCP.   Now the user can click a “go to man […]

  • +1    Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Is it only me, or does anyone have that the Search on this forum is broken (for several weeks) ?  I am using Chrome.

  • I am also interested for which version ‘Let’s Encrypt integration’ is set ?

  • Thanks Trevor!


    So I can just generate a simple HTML forum from my ASP, PHP or any other CMS code..  Which looks like this:




    {$SolidCP_url} = Server Url, like: http […]

  • (oops, something went wrong with Copy, paste)

    I mean:


    Is this correct?   I see a Login-link is generated but you still need a password.  or is a session added using these lines:  ?

  • Thanks Marco,   I will looked at the POST script and will document/explain my solution here so anyone can integrate SolidCP in their own Website with Single-Signon.



    I am looking file: ht […]

  • I also get the error: “Management Service is not installed on the web server. Please contact your system administrator.”


    I installed it under Windows Features/Roles -> IIS.

    In the Internet Information […]

  • I found the problems.. or at least.  I can overcome this error.


    I installed the .NET Framework 3.5  (from Add Windows Features/Roles)
    After clicking “Install a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt”, yo […]

  • I am having the same issue.

    Windows 2016 Server. SolidCP 1.2

    When trying to Get Let’s Encrypt certificate for a website, I’ll get the following error.   I can reproduce it, so if anyone wants to take a look […]