• I can confirm that we’ve also seen an increase in IIS log files for smartermail.

    Our logs on one particular server have jumped from an average of 1.8GB per IIS log file per day to 2.4GB since the upgrade to […]

  • There have been no changes or fixes to SolidCP’s code that address the issues in which Solid interacts with SimpleDNS’s new api, so for now this is the work around.

  • Jade asked a new question 2 months ago

    Hi Marco and the rest.

    I’ve logged a few issues with regards to SolidCP’s inability to support the latest versions of SimpleDNS.

    Please could you review these requests.

    In particular, the instant alias issue

  • An update, just tested running the upgrade script with elevated privileges and still get the same outcome – an error is returned but then disappears within a few 100 milliseconds

  • Thanks for the response Marco,


    With regards to sql login failure… our solidcp is hosted on another server.

    Can the upgrade script not read the connection string values from the .config files rather […]

  • We have this added to our list of tools to be provided as stand alone, or integrated into SolidCP’s features.


    I’ll post an update with the tools we have developed that have assisted us with migration of […]

  • A quick update, for some reason I am now able to review the error log

    Invoke-SQLCmd : Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.
    At […]

  • Jade asked a new question 3 months ago

    Ive tried numerous approaches to get the upgrade power-shell to complete a test on our upgrade before running the upgrade to the latest version of solid to no success.

    When running the powershell applet with […]

  • Jade asked a new question 3 months ago

    Hi Guys

    Please advise as to whether there have been any fixes applied to the latest version of solid with regards to integration issues with simpledns v 6?

    As you are aware, its not possible to add a simple […]

  • I’ve run into an issue when trying to enable instant alias / temporary url for our clients.


    On the virtual servers settings under instant alias I have added the domain responsible that will host all […]

  • @ric

    Just run into the same issue and tried your suggestion of creating a new database first but I received the same error


    Is MySQL on the same server as the hosting space?  If not have you checked t […]

  • If you updated a remote SQL server and lost your IIS config then you’d need to reinstall IIS, download the SolidCP installation files and on the setup of SolidCP, only select to install “SolidCP Server asp.net v4” […]

  • I’ve spent the last few hours battling to get the latest version of SolidCP working with a SimpleDNS v6 Cluster.

    The control panel was allowing me to activate and enable dns how upon inspection of the SimpleDNS […]

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