• Hi Trevor,

    I did what you suggested. I see the bak (and .zip) file being created in this directory. Still getting the same error. The bak or zip file remains in the directory.

  • Ah right. I did not know that.
    Found out that the default directory there is : C:Hostingbackup

    That directory didn’t exist. So i created it. Unfortunately still the same error.

  • serveradmin. I haven’t tried it as user.
    I didn’t know there would be a different.

    I did look at the NTFS directory permissions and even tried that with everyone.
    And manually creating the directories. But […]

  • When i select Restore SQL database from Hosting Space Files and expand the root folder. I get this error message:

    Error: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. —> […]

  • Hi TechGuy,

    That would still require some firewall rules on the public side. It would be nice to be able to set them from the solidcp webportal.

    When you firewall it no need for dualbinding or changing SQL ports.

  • From what I can tell the default database location is being selected as path where the master DB resides.
    Or whatever you override it with.

    SQL stores the default data and log path’s in the registry. If […]

  • I don’t think i’m quite that versed in programming.
    Powershell & vbscript mostly

  • Hi,

    I have a SQL 2016 database server. With a D: drive for SQL data and E: for logs.

    Somehow when using default database location it puts the databases on the original default path : C:Program […]

  • Yeah exactly. Hence the question.

  • I have a SQL server that I host databases for customers on.

    The SQL server port is protected by de windows firewall. Right now I manually open up the tcp 1433 port for the external IP addresses/

    Would this […]

  • Would it be possible to somehow propagate some or all hosting plans?