SolidCP v1.4.0 Release

We are excited to release SolidCP v1.4.0 in the end of January. We added new features, improved quite a few bugs, and enhanced existing features.








Latest changes in SolidCP 1.3.0:

  • Changed all Int16 to Int32 due to issues with Int16 values.
  • RDS is now made for multiple RDSGateway servers in different domains.
  • RDS Added option in hosting plan to prevent user from adding new RDSServer to HostedOrg.
  • HyperV: Changed group name from Virtual Private Servers 2012 to HyperV.
  • HyperV: Added 2016 provider so we can add features in the future for this version.
  • HyperV: Fixed Replications page.
  • Instant Alias fixed.
  • Instant Alias Renamed to Preview Domain.
  • Added Preview Domain checkbox on Domain creation.
  • Search box improved with advanced search drop down.
  • Search box fixed up to html5 on all pages.
  • Smartermail 10+ bug fixes.
  • Smartermail 10+ gui design fixes.
  • Smartermail 10+ tested with v16.
  • Exchange 2013/2016 Distribution boxes allowed in mailbox priveledges.
  • Exchange 2013/2016 Root public folder fix (permission and mailenabled disabled).
  • Hosted Organization Delete User button fix (first load issue).
  • Hosting Plan only displays available services.
  • Space Item button fix.
  • Small Website fixes.
  • SolidCP Portal, Enterprise and Installer pushed to v4.5.
  • NuGet packages updated to latest version / correct framework.
  • Whoisclient updated to v3.
  • AnyCPU + Optimize code set on all projects.
  • LetsEncrypt added for IIS 7 , 8 and 10.
  • Changes to log error service id for bandwidth task when error is caused.

Latest changes in SolidCP 1.2.1:

  • Proxmox - With thanks to Centron GmbH.
  • Guacamole for VPS2012 - With thanks to Centron GmbH.
  • Enter key can be used in the global search field now.
  • Fixed errors while clicking on search reasults from Hosted Exchange (distribution lists, ressource mailbox, etc.).
  • Fixed Enterprise Solution Report selection in scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed Database Usage Notifications selection in scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed wrong active menu item, if you click on Configuration - Servers.
  • Fixed Scheduled Tasks menu for serveradmin is now language independent.
  • Fixed Scheduled Tasks pages - Start button on last item and second page items started the wrong tasks.
  • Fixed reload of domain view after detaching a domain as serveradmin.
  • Ecommerce scheduled tasks hidden by changing to RoleID 0 (doesn't match even serveradmin), because Ecommerce module is currently not implemented.
  • Many bugfixes and enhancements for Windows event log viewer in Servers -> Settings. Now the event log can also be read from localized Windows systems.
  • Bugfix and design enhancements for Remote Desktop Sessions in Servers -> Settings.
  • Serv-U transformed to x64 - This will now require a 64bit app pool.
  • Removed website list changes.
  • Removed several lingering files.
  • Removed Lets Encypt.
  • Removed MSPControl files found in source.

Latest changes in SolidCP 1.2.0:

  • Fixed several form fields
  • Fixed Exchange 2013/2016 Public folders with multiple users and the same display name
  • Updates most service icons
  • Fix for collate in GetDnsRecordsTotal Procedure
  • Fixed MS DNS 2012+ provider module for windows 2016 (bypass microsoft bug)
  • Fixed shared ip display for users
  • Updated UI for Hosting Plan Quotas and Space Quotas
  • Fix for when changing the name of the Exchange Disclaimer
  • Fixed RDS User Session buttons
  • Updated FTP page formatting
  • Updated most exchange pages over to bootstrap for better formatting
  • Updated the formatting on Servers and Virtual Servers pages in configuration
  • Fixed PowerShell Installation Script for quicker installs on Server 2016
  • Updated PowerShell Auto Upgrade Script to remove old files that are no longer in use
  • Fixed search boxes on various pages for both style and function
  • Added additional drive restrictions to RDS Collections to match AD GPO options
  • Fixed form autocomplete in the password related screens
  • Added LetsEncrypt support
  • Updated websites and domains list with status
  • Added SSL status to website list
  • Added Spam Experts (expirimental)
  • Fix for HyperV reset button
  • Fixed Exchange contacts edit page
  • Fixed most form text fields (150 - 200 - normal) to bootstrap
  • Fixed up policy pages
  • Fixed up IP address pages
  • Fixed up Phone number pages
  • Fixed up hosting plan and Addons pages
  • Added Mailcleaner support for all other mail providers
  • Fixed Dialog box width
  • Added dialog box to several slow functions in SolidCP
  • Fixed AD Password Policy
  • Fix for Edit RDS Server page error when clicking update
  • Added WYSIWYG editors for Exchange Disclaimers and a default template
  • Fix for SimpleDNS primary NS
  • Fix for RDS Drive mappings for multple Users
  • Added German language to the SolidCP base
  • Added IIS Virtual Directory support (not just virtual apps)

Latest changes in SolidCP v1.1.2 (subversion update):

  • Fixed Dialogues on all pages
  • Stylized all popups /dialogues
  • Fixed VPS buttons (start/stop/ etc)
  • Fixed VPS buttons (move/ delete/ import/ etc)
  • Fixed mariaDB quota issue
  • Stylized Organization pages
  • Made Organization user photo available on all Org user pages
  • Fixed file editor widht / height
  • Added scroll to popup windows
  • Fixed Exchange Distribution list pages
  • Fixed Exchange forwarding to shared mailbox
  • Fixed Exchange Shared mailbox search/select able
  • Changed Exchange mailbox url to the General information tab
  • Fixed Mailbox menu showing when in Exchange mailbox general information tab.
  • Fixed Select all / unselect all
  • Fixed Exchange disclaimer update issue
  • Fixed Country selection for CSR generation
  • Fixed Website Pointers not saving to database
  • Fixed Mailcleaner quotas key.
  • MariaDB / MSSQL 2016 quota fix
  • Fixed Exchange mobile pages
  • Fixed Exchange Policies Delete button
  • Fixed all RDS pages
  • Fixed HyperV HDD resize
  • Fixed HyperV CPU vCore calculation
  • Fixed Windows 2016 DNS issue
  • Fixed Hyper-v pages
  • Fixed Exchange Disclaimer pages

Latest changes in SolidCP v1.1.1 (subversion update):

  • Fixed Exchange Calendar permissions for All languages
  • Fixed Exchange Contact permissions for all languages
  • Quite a few button fixes
  • Small design layout fixes (email pages/ password fields/ account pages)
  • Bandwidth fix
  • Portal build fixes
  • Menu fixes (missing entries)

Latest changes in SolidCP 1.1.0:

  • Added Microsoft SQL 2016 support
  • Added mailcleaner domain creation on space creation
  • Added mailcleaner domain removal on space removal
  • Added silent installer support for WebDavPortal
  • Added Server deployment powershell script
  • Fixed Active Directory domains in 2012+ provider
  • Fixed Organization menu always showing
  • Fixed Organization menu erroring for users
  • Added MS Access 2010 (64bit) odbc support
  • Added MS Excel 2010 (64bit) odbc support
  • Added Coldfusion 2016 support
  • Fixed Exchange 2013 / 2016 contacts creation
  • Added new large design changes
  • Added Design mobile functionalities
  • Fixed sharepoint 2016 Enterprise database query
  • Fixed MariaDB db upgrade query
  • Fixed Exchange 2013 - 2016 Retention policy
  • Added Web Compression to the Web Policy
  • Added visual password validation
  • Added show password
  • Improved WHMCS module
  • Added SimpleDNS 6.x support
  • Fixed PowerDNS Master/Slave

Latest changes in SolidCP 1.0.3:

  • Added Administration IP Restrictive login support
  • Added Microsoft Exchange 2016 support
  • - Added Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 support (foundation + enterprise)
  • Added Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 support
  • Added Microsoft windows 2016 support
  • Added IIS 10 support
  • Added MS FTP 10 support
  • Added Automatic update support through portal (Files only)
  • Fixed Microsoft Lync 2013 isolation & Simple url
  • Added WHMCS Configurable options
  • Fixed + - 250 old bugs

Changes in our first version release:

  • Fixed many old bugs to make our first version much more stable.
  • Optimized for stability and speed
  • Added a new and modern responsive design, making SolidCP viewable on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, and PC's, whereever you want.
  • Added mySQL 5.7 support.
  • Added MariaDB support.
  • Fixed up the original installer for use.
  • Added WebDav Portal to the original installer.
  • Added scheduler service to Enterprise installation.