Next Stable Release

We have a stable release schedule of 1s every 3 months








Latest changes in SolidCP 1.0.3:

  • - Added Administration IP Restrictive login support
  • - Added Microsoft Exchange 2016 support
  • - Added Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 support (foundation + enterprise)
  • - Added Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 support
  • - Added Microsoft windows 2016 support
  • - Added IIS 10 support
  • - Added MS FTP 10 support
  • - Added Automatic update support through portal (Files only)
  • - Fixed Microsoft Lync 2013 isolation & Simple url
  • - Added WHMCS Configurable options
  • - Fixed + - 250 old bugs

What's next on our list?

There's still plenty to improve, add, and continue to develop.
For the next few months we will focus more on Documentation including development documentation.

In addition we will put a high effort in fixing all Language variables so we can make the transition to include translations (language packs) in by default for everyone to enjoy.

Upcoming new features:

  • - Mailcleaner anti-spam filter support
  • - Native Linux server support (basics only)
  • - Hyper-v 2012 R2 VMM support
  • - Hyper-v 2016 support
  • - Auto update web.config + sql's
  • - Further development of WHMCS module.
  • - and many more bug fixes to come...

Changes in our first version release:

  • Fixed many old bugs to make our first version much more stable.
  • Optimized for stability and speed
  • Added a new and modern responsive design, making SolidCP viewable on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, and PC's, whereever you want.
  • Added mySQL 5.7 support.
  • Added MariaDB support.
  • Fixed up the original installer for use.
  • Added WebDav Portal to the original installer.
  • Added scheduler service to Enterprise installation.

How is SolidCP different from for example WebsitePanel?:

Both project leaders are/ where long term WebsitePanel contributors and have learned alot from the Mistakes that where made by it's management.

The things we will do different:

  • Standard Development approach: Alpha, Beta, Stable
  • Regular fully tested stable updates.
  • Proper documentation with Videos where needed.
  • Optimize the Panel for ease of use (usability)
  • Listen more to the community and their requests
  • Give credit to the contributors in whatever form (Contributors do not need to be Developers only, we can use anything from Translators, Designers, Video makers, Howto writers, marketing, and much more..).