SolidCP is launched in 2016 as a new fork of WebsitePanel. Our aim is to create a controlpanel who is running stable (solid) and to combine windows and linux servers in one controlpanel. The linux part will be on our roadmap, which will be published soon.

Our first goal was to release a version which is running bug free, because sadly enough this was in many cases not the case with Websitepanel.

SolidCP is a joint effort from Marco Tiggelaar and Michel Jansen. When you want to contribute to SolidCP, please contact us.

Key Facts

  • SolidCP is a fork from WebsitePanel (formely DotNetPanel)
  • SolidCP will release frequent updates
  • SolidCP support services are available
  • SolidCP will allways be Open Source
  • SolidCP is free