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SolidCP source contained MSPControl codes which the management was aware of.

The screenshot supplied by the contributor who commited the MSPControl codes to SolidCP proves it :


The ex-contributor has a known grudge against this project leader. The image used as proof he knowingly condoned such behavior however is completely misplaced. If you look at the start of the conversation (a couple of lines above) you will see that is a response towards using Catrika's (our Partner and customer) source for Spam Experts. This is not related to MSPControl what so ever.

The project leader in question always took a stance of not looking at MSPControl at all, and let SolidCP follow it's own path without focus on what you are doing. 

Image with the top of the conversation:

Please note the image has been modified to protect the ex-contributor and the time difference is because the chat logs the local timezone of the user it self.

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