Complainant < SolidCP source and 1.2.0 release contains MSPControl proprietary codes and distribution of it needs to be shut down immediately


The codes from MSPControl in our source have been committed by a ex-contributor who already had been previously banned due to uploading MSPControl code.

We thought we had cleaned up all his MSPControl codes, however after a in-debt audit we have found more commits from the same ex-contributor which used MSPControl codes.

Even though we are legally entitled to use it under the BSD license MSPControl is distributed under: we do not want the code in our source, which is why since discovery we stopped downloads and closed our source while initiated a cleanup of the contributers commits to make sure no code of MSPControl remains in our source or future releases.


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Complainant <
  1. we’ve received no information about how all the existing installs with compromised codes are being removed from customers who have downloaded it.
  2. We have not been given any information about how we will be compensated for this error as we’ve lost code that cost us LOTs of money to produce.
  3. We believe we deserved recognition via a copyright on the stolen code when it was released.
  4. We also think you have violated our rights to control what countries our software was exported to. You have seriously compromised us, but You seem to downplay it like nothing has occurred.



  1. Our installers automatically removes all deleted files and updates all files which has changed codes (such as removal of your codes).People who do a manual update will be given a file list of which files to remove from their installation.
  2. We do not provide any compensation.The costs of producing the code would have been the same with or without copyright placement.The lack of advertisement in binary codes means only developers would have seen the copyrights, and this should have been done by the ex-contributor who uploaded it as per our Contributor License Agreement.

    In addition we have publicly announced that the codes were from MSPControl on both our homepage and blog post since you made us aware of the codes. Additionally we have Informed all our developers about this matter.

    This should compensate any advertisement the copyright placement within the 1.2.0 source would of brought.

    Any further compensation should be sought from the person responsible who purposely left out your copyrights in his code upload.

  3. The ex-contributor should have added the copyrights in his upload, as well as ask for permission which he did neither (If he did his upload would have been denied due to ethics).This is required per the Contributors license agreement: You represent that You have disclosed in writing at the time of Submission any third-party license or other restriction (including, but not limited to, related patents and trademarks) of which You are personally aware with respect to the Submission.
  4. BSD License does not restrict to countries where it was used in.


We have nothing to do with what occurred, It is solely the action of the ex-contributor without us knowing.

He was passing the codes off as his own creation to all contributors, management and our users.

Since we were made aware we did everything we could to treat this matter serious, and to remove your codes as soon as possible without distributing it further meanwhile.


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