Our dispute process

We have a clear dispute process we will apply to any disputes
Dispute step1

File a Dispute

The dispute filed will be publicly visible
Disputes list

Dispute is publicized

We Publish the dispute with current status
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Efforts to resolve matter

We take every dispute every serious, and will treat it with the highest priority.
Official Response

Official response published

After communication between parties the official response will be published.

If you have any issues, or concern please file a dispute with the url below, we will do our very best to resolve the matter swiftly.


Who will handle my dispute?
The dispute is either handled by SolidCP Management and Partners as a collective or by Lawyers depending on the severity of the case.

The dispute will be handled from a legal and ethics side of view.

Status's of the dispute
Open: Open status means the dispute has been opened and is pending on reply.

In process: In process means a reply has been made and is pending on a reaction, research before a decision is made, or a court case.

Closed: Closed means the case and communication has been closed. Either a resolution has been found or it's pending legal action from the complainant.

Why is my dispute closed?
A closed status means one of the following:

1. Communications reached an impasse where no further communication will help the situation.

2. Threat of legal action has been made. In this case we will answer the dispute, and await the legal papers to be delivered. Once the legal papers have been officially delivered the status will go back to In process.

3. A mutual resolution has been found, and the matter has been resolved on both sides.

Of course we always aim for situation no.3 unfortunately this is not always the case.

What information will be made public?
All information provided to us will be made public with the only exception of individual's names unless explicitly granted.

Company names and all other information will be made public to keep this a open and fair process.

Do i need to list each file in relation to the dispute?
Yes you are required to list each file within the project which you believe to be in dispute.

if the full file is not in dispute then we do also require the line numbers for the files which are.