• Hello Thanks for answering me, if I am using everything absolutely in English, but it would help me a lot if you give me a step by step how to install the sql or sqlexpress as it is so that you do not have errors […]

  • tried after iis and browser cash flushed

    also windows auth is already disabled since setup


  • 16 files max is weird.
    did you make sure your browser cache and iis cache was flushed after update for example?

    As far as taking a look our selfs: we do provide 1:1 support (paid only) where we tune in and fix […]

  • Hi Trevor,

    issue was solve with GetOrganizationStatisticsByOrganization() function from space ‘esExchangeServer

    Many thanks.

  • @Marco Tiggelaar

    i believe you (403 error) is  really permission based 

    but i logged in to empty folder and tried to create files using file manager , i created 16 file successfully and when i try to cr […]

  • Hello,

    I think the HTTP method no longer works due to insecure traffic, while most devices prefer SSL or TLS.

    Though thats just a guess.

    Do note that if you run IIS 10 (windows 2016) you might want to try […]

  • Ok thanks for that but someone knows the reason why redirect does not work in iOS11 an the newest Adroids?

  • The file manager isn’t limited to the amount of files really.

    The error 403 forbidden is really permission based.

    You can double check you disabled windows auth on the SolidCP server, other then that it’s […]

  • SolidCP does not provide any hosting to anyone.

    SolidCP is purely the software other hosting providers can use to manage there servers and offer their customers a control panel.

    We have no control over […]

  • Hi Eduardo,

    if you are using SQL Express, you can use this guide to install and configure it prior the SolidCP […]

  • Ruy_Go became a registered member 12 hours, 28 minutes ago

  • Hello,


    SolidCP is not an hosting provider but a control panel used by many different hosting companies.


    You will need to speak to the company you purchased your hosting from for them to make the c […]

  • Thanks Marco,

    However, SolidCP is the hosting provider and I request you to resolve it.

    You can email me on writetoapex AT gmail DOT com



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  • HI Trevor,

    Its in Windows Logs > Application

    There is nothing under Applications and Services Logs -> SolidCP for weeks.

  • Hello,


    Can you tell me if that error is in Applications and Services Logs -> SolidCP?


    If you can also check in Windows Logs -> Application for source “letsencrypt-win-simple”


    Kind Re […]

  • Hi,
    We have upgraded to latest and all showing 1.3 on all servers.
    When installing Lets Encrypt it says its installed.
    Refresh that page and its not installed.
    Application log on server shows:

    Exception […]

  • Hey Wouter,

    we are using SRV records, but on our side iOS devices are asking for the server configuration, so autodiscover isn’t fully working. Is there anything helpful hint, how I can improve the environment […]

  • Hi Ben,

    I’ve took a look on my own old private branches in git, but even the SolidCP WHMCS module v. 1.1.0 wasn’t fully compatible with WHMCS < 6 anymore.

    When I've started to migrate the old 3 modules to 1 […]

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