• Some of my clients used to deploy tomcat projects through web engines . That whole section is missing from the website menu.

    There are 2 parts to what you write: 1 admin installs the server side packages, 2 […]

  • Hello,

    Can you specify what exactly your missing?

    As web engines is kinda meant for serveradmins to install specific server side packages which is still present in the Server settings pages



  • I noticed that in 1.3 web engines disappeared from the website menu? Is this deliberate? Can it be switched back on?



  • Yes I found its on SITES list under IIS Mgt. as STOPPED status. After removing that I can create website for that domain w/out having any problem.


    Thanks again for your best support. You close this thread now.

  • Hello,

    Could you check in IIS management if the domain already exists in websites (as site name, no need to check all bindings normally)

    also check the application pools

    If the website is not present […]

  • Hello,

    Is the mailbox in ECP under Litigation hold?

    As that would prevent anyone (including the panel) from deleting untill it’s out of on hold status.



  • Hello,

    on creation of each hosting space it assigns the service ID’s to the specific hosting space.

    So when it later changes in Virtual server existing customers do not pick up on the new servers/ service […]

  • Hello,

    The error sounds like not all modules where upgraded.

    Make sure SolidCP Portal, Enterprise and all SolidCP Servers need to be 1.3.0

    Once their all properly updated Instant Alias no longer exists, […]

  • Hello,

    Yes a Reseller can add it’s own users under it’s own hosting plans.

    The way a reseller works is:

    Serveradmin assigns a hosting plan to the reseller
    The hosting plan of the Serveradmin becomes […]

  • Is it possible that a reseller adds a user under his account and that user be able to administer its on domain and email accounts?

    (Sorry if it is already answered, spent more than an hour with no luck…)

  • After the upgrade to SolidCP 1.3.0, we receive an error when adding a new hosting-space;

    “Procedure or function ‘AddDomain’ expects parameter ‘@IsInstantAlias’, which was not supplied.”


    When I […]

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  • Or could i just switch the server id in the database table servers?

  • I made a small workaround, i did set the ip of the old server as secondary ip to the new.

    So basically the Hosting Space of a customer needs to move to the new server (Database) i guess…

  • Dear Support,

    Yesterday we migrated our customers to the new Exchange server (Exchange 2016).

    In the Virtual Server i changed the System, Hosted Organizations and the Hosted Exchange to point to the new […]

  • When I am trying to delete a user  (mailbox user) I am getting error :


    Input string was not in a correct format.

    I tried to rest the SQL server service and also run IISRest st […]

  • This issue happened in 3 versions. (We have all of them online right now and i can give you access to see it your self.)




  • Here is the screenshot for the particular error for this domain only.

  • I can create username and add any domains in SolidCP. Also “create website” while creating hosting space for customers.

    However Im facing issue for one single domain atlanticprivtb [dot] com – I cant create […]

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