When I try to import a website into a hosting space, the procedure fails.

No error is shown, but I found the following in audit log:

Could not import the web site because no dedicated IP address match in the target space has been found.
Please ensure the space has been allocated * IP address as a dedicated one and it is free. Then try to run import procedure once again.

This website was previously created in Solid CP under a different hosting space, and I am trying to transfer it to a different user.

Web service is configured with Web Sites Shared IP address: <All unassigned>

In IIS site bindings, the IP address is shown as either blank (port 443) or * (port 80), so it matches the <All unassigned> setting.

The system appears to be interpreting * as if it were a dedicated IP address.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

(I apologize this post is a duplicate. I think my previous attempt disappeared when I tried to include <special characters> in the title.)

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