I’ve been testing the panel but now, when I try to create a client, in order to import the data from my active directory, I receive an error when I try to create the organization.

I’ve seen this behavior happens when I try to create an organization that already exist in Exchange Organization

My target is migrate my WebPanelControl to SolidCP

I’ve also seen that I dont understand why, when I try to creat the organization for one current client in the webpanel control, the system had remove de domain from the accepted domain. I don’t understand why. I’ve seen this in an event in the SolidCP event viewer

I’ve also seen that when I try to create an organization that currently exist it show this error

Maybe I have to follo other procedure to crete in SolidCP organization that currently exist in Exchange

If I create a Client from zero, the system allow me to create the organization, import users, contacts, distribution groups, etc

I realy apreciate your help

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