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Error when loading Hosting Space/Websites

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I have uninstalled the Windows updates and restarted the server but the Windows reinstall the updates on Windows Server 2019.

Please, I need resolve the issue permanently.

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If you don't use Wsus for updates it's relatively difficult to block specific updates without switching to manual updates and/or adding a specific policy for it.

The pernament fix will have to come from code improvements, however as it caught us off guard it will take us a bit of time to make a pernament fix in the codes it self.

We are however working on it and hope to have some news soon.

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Thanks for the update Marco, as i am also having the same issue on all our servers. Is there any sort of ETA for a solution to this problem. I just want to ascertain if we should wait for the fix or if we should just remove the windows patch.

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Hey guys,

a workaround for the latest issue in this thread is provided in the following thread without the need to remove the latest Windows Updates:

Best regards


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I just installed version 1.4.7 today for the first time, and the fix for me was to update the web.config to point at 1.4.7 for SolidCP.Providers.Base instead of 1.4.6.  

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