Hey Guys,

I hope all doing well.


w2019 + iis10 + solidcp enterprise and portal

[server2] webserver

w2019 + iis10 + solidcp v4.5


I have emails on another server, awstats, ftp, mysql, mssql each server with separated server running perfect.


on webservers with windows 2019 iis10

running perfect: asp, aspnet, php’s

I have made the installation of helicon ape

but… not running

solidcp create all necesssary files

I can see ape on iis global, I can see ape on website, I can see all files .htacccess and all .ht files

but the system work as if the helicon ape does not even exist, does not work rewrite, does not protect folders etc.

I try to use one per one authentication mode on website configuration, without sucess

I try move helicon ape to top of iis module list, without sucess

I try to setup everyone permission to helicon ape to read, list and execute ( only for test purpose )  without sucess

helicon ap debug mode show empty result 🙁

I have redistributable packages VC 2008, 2012 and 2017 on the server

do you know what’s happen ?


[]’s Rodrigo

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