Hey Guys,

I hope all doing well

I’m working on disaster recovery scripts to help rebuild servers if have problems

My first work will be on FTP server

If we lost the FTP server and users have made changes after of backup, if we restore from backup not will be efetive.

So the solution is create one script to read all ftp user data from solidCP database and rebuild on ftp server

I’m using FTP server on a dedicated server running windows 2019 + Gene6FTP and using UNC Path to Space Files

I’m stopped on FTP password, the password that I saw on solidCP database on ftp user is different that I can read on userftp.ini file on gene6ftp on this case

How I can get the ftp password from solidCP database to create the username on ftp server using same password ?

Other question 🙂 Have any type of rebuild tools or script on solidCP repository files ? if yes, could you please send me the address ?

I will do this service by service, my idea is create one similar tools that the old HELM have, called HELMRESTORETOOLS.



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