Every time I use SolidCP installer to update SolidCP Enterprise server, I have problems unless I do the following process :
(1) Stop the SolidCP Scheduler (to avoid locked-files errors)
(2) Use the SolidCP Installer to do the update
(3) Fix the database connectionString in bin\SolidCP.SchedulerService.exe.config (because the updater always breaks it; I just match the connectionString in web.config)
(4) Start the SolidCP Scheduler
This hasn’t changed over many versions. It was very frustrating until I figured out the necessary steps. I suggest, please fix the installer so that it will do all of these steps automatically. Thanks.

By the way, I updated my installer to test this thoroughly with v1.4.4. For some unknown reason, the SolidCP.Installer.exe file in SolidCP-Installer-Update.zip just wouldn’t run on this particular server, so I updated with SolidCPInstaller.msi — which overwrote my SolidCP.Installer.exe.config so I needed to restore a backup of that file. It would be helpful if SolidCPInstaller.msi detected the existing config settings.

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