Long story short, I am creating Windows rollout scripts that will automate a full VPS rollout with web, email, Mysql, MSSQL, and Solid cp installed and ready to go within minutes.

I’m 98% complete but have run into an issue, with recreating the SolidCP server password hash without using the install tool.

Everything this else is working and connecting without any issue, but when I try to make changes to the server inside of SolidCP. I receive the below error:
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException: Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.SecurityFault: Message did not meet security requirements.
When I update the the “Connection Setting”, everything works, but like i said before. I wanted this fully automated.
I see that it updates the ADpassword in the server table.
My question is what is used to create the hash in the web.cong under Solidcp Server and the ADPassword.
If I can recreate this in a script, then I will be good to go.

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