Hey guys,

First of all, great work! I’ve been a user of Websitepanel for a few years and transfered to MSPControl. But I couldn’t get it to work properly. I must admit, the guys there did a great job at helping me, but I ran into problems over and over again. So I got tired of it.

I finally found SolidCP, installed it and worked right out of the box! Good job so far!

There is just one thing that bothers me so far and that is the speed of the whole site. Every page (no matter what page) will take a couple of seconds to load up. And I can’t see anything wrong on the server as of yet. The VPS is a brand new VPS, cleanly installed and updated.

Dual Xeon 2.29Ghz
4GB Memory
Windows Server 2016 (fully patched)
MySQL 5.7
PHP 5.6

At first I thought it was the server or IIS that wasn’t doing it’s job. I tested it with a basic PHP+MySQL site (WordPress) and it was pretty fast! I also tried another (simple) C#/ASP.NET website and that was also blazingly fast. So I suspect something is up with SolidCP on our server.

Do you have any idea if I can make it a bit quicker? Configuring it when you have to wait 3 to 10 seconds for every page/link you click is horrible!

Other than that, keep up the good work!