I am using SolidCP 1.1.2 on my subdomain: subdomain.server.tld

It is a live server Windows 2012 and has the static IP address. I purchased an Essential SSL for this subdomain by following steps:

1-created CSR on my IIS server (common name: subdomain.server.tld )

2-Purchased SSL by using this CSR

I installed SSL on my IIS now it is showing on my IIS->SSL certificates

I tried to open my portal by SSL: https://subdomain.server.tld  but it doest show anything!

My question is what steps I missed?! Where do I need to make it works? I need all requests on my portal redirects to https not http

I have : webmail on that (subdomain.server.tld/webmail) I want all requests on webmail also has https on webmail.

and for the last question:

Can I use this SSL for my server’s SMTP, POP connections?



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