We run 3 separate SolidCP installations across our companies. 2 of these have a top level domain configured to allow customer spaces to add subdomains. This was working fine until we upgraded to 1.4.2 a few weeks ago. Now when we attempt to add a provider subdomain to a customer’s account, it doesn’t work.

No error is returned when you click the Add Domain button. You are simply returned back to the form. It does not matter whether you check either the Enable DNS or Create Preview Domain boxes. I don’t see anything happening when I check the audit log either, making me think this is more of a UI problem. When you click the Add Domain button, the browser sends a POST to:


While I was upgrading one of our installations, I moved the Enterprise Server and Portal components to a new server, which never had either of these components on it before, so I know that the portal content is clean.

Has anybody else seen this issue?

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