We just upgraded a full solidcp install with about 2 months, version 1.2.1, to 1.3.0 and now have access to Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Just tested adding to a test website but it takes a long time processing and stops with an error. The certificate is created but not binded to the website… another thing, there is no option to select the URL to bind on SSL, there should be the option to add to www.domain.com or just domain.com or whatever other pointer.
What could be the reason for this error?


We have other server that were upgraded from websitepanel and are running solidcp version 1.2.0, some sites use let’sencrypt (with the issue with the renewals problem, but we solve by installing new ones).

Can we upgrade directly to version 1.3.0 these websitepanel migrated servers fine?

Was this already tested? Will it assume already running let’sencrypt websites?


Pls advise


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