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Update: SolidCP 1.4.9 release is coming in January 31!

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Hello everyone,

Update: we have pushed back the release for a week to: January 31 - 2023

We have made the choice to push it back for a week as some of the drastic code changes required more testing before we can call it stable.


It took us a long while with the turbulent years of covid followed by employee shortage and now hitting into recessions, yet after a year of recovering from Covid times we can finally say we are back to pick up the slack and continue working on SolidCP as before.


What’s new in SolidCP 1.4.9:

  • Windows 2022 support
  • Microsoft SQL 2022 support
  • MFA Support
  • Smartermail 100 (latest api)
  • Improved security features
  • Improved Hyper-v features
  • Bug fixes/ minor improvements.
  • Update: Full code push to asp.net 4.8

For more details on added features please look at our github repo: https://github.com/FuseCP/SolidCP/commits/master

There's still a lot more that’s on our list but we just didn't get there in time at this point.

Our aim is to go back to a continued stable release schedule as we always have done pre-covid.

I hope Our community can see we have not abandoned the project, we did take a break on non-urgent matters due to all the unique circumstances of the last few years, however that break is over 🙂



Marco Tiggelaar

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