I’m adding a new web server to our farm. I have upgraded from WSP to SolidCP, and am on vers 1.1.2. We are a fully AD-integrated setup, so no local users. The new server as a fresh install of SolidCP, since it had no history of WSP. I am going to be buying WBRM to migrate sites/spaces from the old web server to the new one, however, they are having installer issues and I cannot get it to even install. While I wait for a fix, I’m trying some manual migrations.

In a given customer, I created a new space over on the new server, so the customer has two spaces, one on the old and one on the new server. Prior to this I created new hosting plans, spaces, etc over on the new server, all seems to work fine.

I’m able to detach the domain, databases, database users and attach them over on the old server (in “space1”), and then flip over to “space2” in that same customer’s account, and import those resources into the other space…effectively “migrating” those items. The web site, of course I will have to backup and create and move manually. The issue is when I detach the FTP account in the old space, and I flip over to the new space on the new server, and try to import that FTP user, its not visible. You would think you would see it since its in the AD. I then try to create the same user, and of course it throws an error, saying it already in AD, so I know its seeing the AD account list.

I even manually added the detached FTP user to the ACL on the new folder list over on the new server, and it still isn’t visible in the import list…in fact, no FTP users are listed there.

Obviously, I’m voting for some sort of migration feature in SCP :-). I even wondering if, given this situation, even WRBM can pull off this migration…they assure me it can, so I’m really hoping. If not, moving hundreds of sites from one server to the next is going to be a nightmare.

Anybody have any insight into this? How about any thoughts on moving websites/spaces from one server to another (considering AD integration)?

Thanks guys! appreciate it!